Ausgrid Agreement

Since Richard Gross, AUSgrid`s CEO, announced his imminent resignation in 2022, unions have increased pressure on Ausgrid to reshape negotiations on the Company Bargaining Agreement (EBA) as well as industry superfunds to improve job security and compensation. Enova Community Energy plans to establish a community electricity retail partnership as part of a commitment to local revenues. The ETU also called on Gross to withdraw from the EBA negotiations and related decisions, as the ETU has pledged to end job cuts, a proposed wage freeze and a plan to force parents to work shifts. Endeavour Energy is partially owned by REST Industry Super. M. Hicks also said Ausgrid`s owners, AustralianSuper and IFM, must now ask Ausgrid`s board members to listen to its employees and hundreds of customers who have contacted ETU with messages of support. “The ETU calls on Ausgrid and its industrial super fund owners to end the ongoing assault on workers and offer a fair wage increase, as well as pass on the super increases imposed nationally from 0.5% this year.” “If approved, Endeavour Energy`s EBA will set an industry standard that other companies in the industry and their industrial super fund owners cannot ignore,” Hicks said. The Electrical Trades Union of Australia (ETU) welcomed Gross`s resignation and asked Ausgrid to use the withdrawal as a circuit breaker for the resumption of EBA negotiations. Irish energy developer DP Energy has partnered with Spanish energy giant Iberdrola to supply a 320 MW hybrid wind turbine. “Ausgrid will no longer be able to claim a wage freeze as a fair offer while pursuing its plan to cut a total of 2,500 jobs by next year. Environment Victoria and the Electric Vehicle Council are calling on all political parties to commit to electric vehicles. “We will continue our multi-platform advertising and digital campaign and intensify legal trade union action.” “These industry funds are based on workers` capital, and their refusal to defend workers` basic rights, such as a fair wage increase, is outrageous,” Hicks said. Yemen called for a national approach to green accreditation of renewable gases such as biomethane and hydrogen.

If a fair wage increase and job security are not offered, the ETU has threatened to intensify its industrial and media campaign targeting Ausgrid and its owners. The federal Labor Party has made a campaign promise of $5 million to create a solar farm on the roof of the Bundoora. There are concerns throughout the labour movement and among AustralianSuper and IFM members about the ethics and values of their superfunds. More than 20,000 emails have been sent to the CEOs of AustralianSuper and IFM since etu launched its cross-platform advertising and digital campaign. “Fans, our members and members of these industry funds can visit to tell Australian Super and IFM to stand up for workers.” Either way, Endeavour Energy members will vote to approve the principle of an ABE with a salary increase of at least 2.5% in the first year and an increase to 2.8% per year over three years – plus the 0.5% annual super increases that Ausgrid did not want to pay. Allen Hicks, secretary of etu NSW & ACT, said: “This is an opportunity for Ausgrid to end its aggressive approach, make a fair offer and stop tying the wages of workers who take legally protected union action. Research by Professor Andrew Blakers of the Australian National University (ANU) shows that Australia is on the right track to make our Paris. to be completed. . .